Jackie Young
SwimBabestm  Portland Oregon USA

given at WABC2007 Oct. 21, 2007


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My Late Aunt Gay Lee, one of the early pioneers in training Infant toddlers Swim Survival Safety

Invited me to train with her in 1969. She was fighting a brave battle with breast cancer and realized

That she needed to pass on her very unique training to keep the training alive.  I was very honored

To think she thought I could do what I saw her do but had no idea if I could. It wasn’t long, with my

Passion and love for all things aquatic that soon I fell in love with the families and the babies and found myself with a following. I managed Gay’s pool, trained my mother also to teach, and then branched out to an outdoor pool starting with 10 students which over the next 2 years grew to over 400 students.


A week and necessitated finding an indoor pool. Thus my career began resulting in building over 7 centers in 3 different states and running them for 7 years! What is it about the magic number of 7? Laugh

For me it was the time I found out who I was and what I really wanted to do. I also found out

That I didn’t want to be a Mega School. I wanted to be an exclusive program that specialized in

Cutting edge learning and growth. We developed over these years a knack for communication through TV and Videography and the medium of creating the only shows of their kind in the World…Aquatic shows featuring Babies! This created quite a stir and unexpected publicity through the News Media.


With all of this attention, being a minister’s daughter I knew that I had a responsibility to give. First to my families then to my community and then to the world…so this began our desire to not only entertain but to educate and benefit individuals and organizations working in the fields of children’s safety and health. Our motto was if its good for us it has to be good for somebody else as well. To Date we have performed as a team over 30 Benefit shows and events many of them televised. www.swimbabes.com/pg9.html

We knew that health would always be an important issue. We knew that we needed to have Pediatric Release and approval in regards to health issues for babies to be able to swim. We also knew that this would be an excellent way to educate even our health professionals about the wonderful health benefits that swimming babies achieve just from their exercises in the water. This began our philosophy of benefiting the Health and Safety Services in our communities.


Over these soon to be 40 years of what I call treading water…not only have we been able to train all the children in our family, 4 sons, all who have contributed to our training program and one daughter who is now my associate director.  Currently,  with my 9 grandchildren,  we are now going Into the 4th generation o families in our community with the unique identity of being Oregon’s First Swim School. We are now fulfilling our desire to server our family and  our community.  With our joining WABC and being honored as the first dues paying member of WABC in Oaxaca we now are reaching out to the world. 


When I look back and see the amazing trail behind us I realize that we have been guided all the way just by loving our family, loving our community and now loving our wonderful world of baby swim. If anyone would have told me in the beginning that we would be able to present our program on a worldwide platform I would have just laughed at the idea. Remember then, there was no Internet,  if anyone heard about anyone else it usually was in the newspapers or in the newsreels! My that does date me…laugh.


Today my presentation is far better seen visually than my words.  As you know they say a picture is worth

1000 words. Today in our DVD created by our videographer,  my son Ty Young, you will see highlights of some of the activities that our babies and toddlers perform in their classes but you will also learn about our latest benefit outreach,  Blake’s Miracle.  The story about Blake is on their website. Lana Whitehead, little Blake’s grandmother and also a member of WABC  is a long time friend and associate. We met long before there were any organizations . When she lost her first and only grandchild at age 18 months to Leukemia. My grandmother’s heart broke for her.


We were all devastated with his passing having fervently prayed for a miracle for this little baby as well as the family. Six weeks after his passing I received the news of Blake’s Miracle… A foundation established in his name to help develop research in pain management for terminally ill babies and small children...it was then I knew we wanted to be apart of the Miracle, We saw another way that our healthy families and healthy babies could make a difference. This has also been another way we can encourage the parenting process of helping parents help their children learn to give.


You will see in our DVD our little ones performing and swimming to raise money for Banner Children’s Hospital in Phoenix Arizona with the purpose of bringing relief to suffering babies, children and families all over the US. Please consider joining us in this effort yourselves …….you can’t out give the Lord!




As I have been blessed not only to travel all over the world but also to live in Zaire Africa with my sister on a mission in 1978…I have found out that there is a universal language and it is Love. Love brings true



Love brings Comfort and Love truly draws us like a magnate together…

Never a part! Once we learn to speak it