singlebabyinNeckRingNancy Higgs has developed her WaterWayBabies system to be a simple, easy-to-use water-based method which parents can use to stimulate and strengthen babies thereby improving their physical and mental development.

Residing in the Houston Texas area of the United States Nancy recently told WABCFocus that my elevator speech (what I do in a nutshell) is that “ I offer products and assistance to parents to use with their special needs or developmentally delayed infants and toddlers—providing water/swim therapy at home.”

Though she does not consider what she offers as being ‘swimming instruction’, Nancy’s aquatic educator background runs from being a lifeguard in high school, to teaching swim lessons during college in the mid 1970’s which included leading parent & baby classes, to then participating in those type classes with her own children.

Add to that having a BS in nursing from Univ. Texas (‘76) focusing on maternal and child community health, and clinical background in neo-natal nursing with current work on her PhD in nursing science — she recognizes product-aided activity that can help challenged babies.

The therapy package that she offers includes a inflatable neck floatation device,  thermometer, pool, drain, inflator, instructions along with email & phone support for parents.   WeeWaterWays, LLC is her company.NancyHiggs

“It’s the warm water and removal of gravity that is the “secret” to the gains that babies have made” says Nancy. “It’s not teaching swimming, nor a method of instruction.  Since the parents are not teaching in any way, the  only active participant is the child .”  Nancy reminds parents that they must  have constant presence  and give full attention to their child when in the water.

Nancy focuses primarily on those with neuromotor disorders:  babies born before their due date,  those admitted to an intensive care nursery, those tagged as “high risk” or “at risk”,  and babies diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability.  Besides medical referrals Nancy receives inquiries from parents because they are worried about their baby’s progress or outcome.  More details her system and it’s rationale are available on her website in the FACTS section at    Her email is